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Monday, February 19, 2007

Noah's Ark Floodwaters

" 3-D model shows big body of water in Earth's mantle Discussion at PhysOrgForum
3-D seismic model of vast water reservoir revealed
One of the most dramatic features in the Wysession et. al global mantle shear-wave attenuation model is a very high-attenuation anomaly at the top of the lower mantle beneath eastern Asia. This anomaly is believed due to water that has been pumped into the lower mantle via the long history of the subduction of oceanic lithosphere — crust and upper mantle — in this region. The left figure is a slice through the earth, showing the attenuation anomalies within the mantle. The location of the slice — red line in the upper right figure — is a map of the seismic attenuation at a depth of roughly 620 miles. In both images, red shows unusually soft and weak rock, and blue shows unusually stiff rock (yellow and white show near-average values). The two figures in the lower right are resolution tests to see if the data have the resolution to retrieve Earth structure in these parts of the Earth. The sharper the black-white transitions are, the better the resolution is. Credit: Washington University in St. Louis
A seismologist at Washington University in St. Louis has made the first 3-D model of seismic wave damping — diminishing — deep in the Earth's mantle and has revealed the existence of an underground water reservoir at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean. It is the first evidence for water existing in the Earth's deep mantle. "

According to this data, huge areas of the earth's crust and mantle hold water, forced down by plate tectonics. If this water were placed under massive pressure from an earthquake or volcanic activity, an entire geological plate region of mantle or plate could crumble or break and an ocean of extremely hot water could be forced miles high into the atmosphere through the ocean. This could cause rain for 40 days and a worldwide flood, after which the waters would recede back to the trench from which they came and the water levels even.

Never again shall such a flood destroy earth by the promise in the rainbow.


Blogger William Bunker said...

But what emotions could be stored up in that pressurized water? Being mashed under plate tectonics for thousands of years could produce and cause us to harbor ill vibrations that could frighten emotional humans as animals are frightened away before a flood or earthquake.

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