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Saturday, November 18, 2006

++ and Proverbs

++ and Proverbs

"he who corrects [++] and arrogant [+-] man earns insult." 2+ X [+-] = 2-, 2+. You will receive 2- per 2+ you introduce to a [+-] circuit, unless the [+-] is changed to [++] or [--].

The funny thing is that a + is multiply by 0 in a [--] equation. It does not interact with -. As is a - in a [++] situation.

[++] : ++-+--+- ==> ++++, ----
[+-] : ++ -+--+- ==> +-+-+-+-

This is a basis for quantum molecular and atomc structuring. It causes poles to form in magnetic fields and for + to attract to - conditionally. It can shift the amount of force required or available to break a +- "bond". It can affect the reactivity of elements and the functioning of macro [visible] systems.

However, observing the system with either [+-] or [++] charge or intent changes the system to that path, or affects it closer to it.

This could be circumvented using a dark-field microscope in an unobservable sub-visible platform [or a Schroedinger's condition], or by maintaining faith in [++] and not reacting in quantum form to auto-proposed changes in charge/theory.

This is how scientists 'find what they are looking for' within the bounds of a human's charge of faith.


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