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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Science Island Visitor's Center

'Turkish government confirms, yes, this is noah's ark.' On a Turkish language map, the area around Mt Ararat translates as 'Noah's Big Boat'. The roadsigns in the area lead to 'Noah's Big Boat.' Iron rivets have been found. F-16's passing overhead in the 20th century noted a boat shaped object. A Saudi prince wanted to see it, and did. Ground sonar has found what appears to be timbers down there. Please consider.

We have this story about Noah and the flood. ~270 flood stories have survived. The Hawaiins have this story that after the first dude in the world died, the place became corrupt and violent. So God decided to flood it. One guy, Nu'u, built a big canoe and put a house on it. He and his family were the only people to survive the flood.

The Chinese say Fuhi did it. With his 3 sons and 3 daughters. Noah had 3 sons and their wives.

Toltec Mesoamericans say the first world lasted 1716 years, and that only one family named Coxcox survived. Bible birth dates before the flood added together produce 1656 years. That is within margin of error. So it Nu'u to Noah. Say em. Say em both. Then look at the Hawaiians language patterns.

Consider Atlantis. Probably a flood legend, and probably no longer exists at all because of the flood.

Join me in researching this!


An interesting thing about reptiles, is they grow throughout their lives. The oldest reptile is the largest reptile. Before the flood, humans and other creatures lived for very long times. Dinosaurs could likely be merely now-extinct versions of ancient reptiles. Considering the advancing age of reptiles before the flood, it would behoove one to conclude that a 900 year old reptile would be enormous. Dinosaur sized, even.

We also have a sample of Tyrannosaurus tissue and bone that did not decay since the time it was alive. There is no reasonable explanation for such tissue to remain static or cogent for such freakishly long periods of time as are commonly speculated. We have, however, seen hospital certified blood samples cleansed by Dr Bob Beck's electricity method survive for 57 days without blemish under a microscope slide, still living and moving. This propagates the idea of immortal blood and the possibility of living for well entrenched periods of time, and the introduction of various water-borne or otherwise acquired parasites from after the flood to basically steal health and advance age and decline tissue purity progressively until death by anomaly, or violence, as is seen today.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Christianity > Church

I invite you to examine this website. I feel that this man analyzes the Bible adequately and studies and interprets it well. I will study his work and interpretations further and use it to further my own wisdom from my beliefs and experiences with God. You can benefit from doing the same!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rage and Wrath

All rage is a call to deconstruct a perceived problem into a simpler form so it can be solved at a level on which it can be understood. Doing this in a social manner is difficult because social elements do not have easy direct representations.

Anger is a desire to reduce a thing so that it can be dealt with simply. But it is also possible to increase your own understanding of a thing so you can deal with it on a current level.

This is the cause of most violence.