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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Love Sex and Reproduction

This society has distanced itself from the normal and eternal human functions of love sex and reproduction through reproductive science, social elitism and supercompetition and fear, and family and international distancing and sectification.

Know that we have the ability, under God, to live together as one. That this planet can sustain us and our love is for one another through God. Population can increase exponentially in the same way that CPU speeds can increase and have increased exponentially since the early 1980's. There is enough room and love for all and enough love to help accomplish any project that is done in the name of the Lord.

Gender liberation can occur even without reproductive science if social structure is arranged correctly for children with education and social support and ethical social integration. You need not fear for your children or yourself when you have them with this love.

God please deliver us from doubt and fear, taught to us from early ages.

You need not fear stranger families, or nations if you love the Lord and love them through the Lord. Act in the name of God for what is best for you all, inclusive to everyone. God lets us all live. If God says it's time to come home you will die. This is not in the hands of man. War is failure. Fear is failure. Failure leads to all wrong things. Forgiveness is divine. Love is the only winning solution.

Leadership not from God is wrong. Listen only to the love of God and through hearing and feeling God's lessons in your heart do what honors Him.


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